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A Trip to a Lake That Is Not a Lake

The human has left me (as I have stated in a previous post), but she is graciously sending me information. Alas, I have been unable to write as often since the humans with me do not travel as much. Nasty pandemic, ruining all manner of fun and adventures.

Regardless, the human has managed to squeeze in a couple of trips here and there. She is in South Korea the land of my birth. Where the summers are hot and sticky; the winters are cold and miserable, and spring and autumn are fleeting memories. Oh to be in a window watching the people pass below; the buses carrying their inhabitants; the hustle and bustle of an urban world!

But, I digress.

A photograph of Korean landscape with low mountains in the distance, a ricefield in the foreground, and a farm in middle.
Farms, Rice, and Mountains.

The human's trip took her downstream. She has traveled the Han River (한강) extensively, but she has not had the fortuitous opportunity to travel along many other rivers in Korea. Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on one's perceptions), she has not been able to go to Seoul these past two weekends due to Covid. Again - nasty pandemic.

Fortunately for us, she was able to bike down the Anjeong River in Pyeongtaek. This river runs directly into the Yellow Sea (or the West Sea in Korean). Around the mouth of the river a seawall was built and the area behind it was flooded thereby creating Pyeongtaek Lake. So is it a lake or a river? Your guess is as good as mine.

Most of the path is a excellently maintained bike path with clear lines as to where one should go. The only problem was near the end of the first third and towards the end of the ride. The first third crossed the river, but while a pedestrian bridge seems to be there, it is currently blocked. The main bridge was under construction.

At the end of the ride, the bike path mysteriously ends and leads travelers through the farm lanes and roads towards around the mountain. The human describes it as quaint and entertaining. I would have described it as troublesome and annoying. It would have reminded me of biking with her on the Erie Canal - an adventure I prefer not to redo.

The sights she saw were beautiful and impressive. Having grown up in Seoul and now living in the country, I can only imagine how she must have enjoyed seeing wide open spaces. The human grew up near the mouth of the Susquehanna River and has a great affinity to water. I prefer to look from the inside of safe areas like buildings or vehicles.

Rice fields stretch to the horizon. A bridge crosses the fields on the right.
Out in Rice Fields.

As for the trip, she insists that it was worth the sunburn (again, why must she always forget her sunblock?!), and informs me that when I have returned, we will take the trip.

Oh joy.

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