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Eek! Too Long!

The human has been horrible, hasn't she?! She refuses to write about the various adventures we have had, and she doesn't update.

I must find a better writer.

Anyway, it isn't entirely her fault, she is no longer living in New York, but has returned to South Korea to teach. I, unfortunately, was unable to return on this trip - for a variety of reasons. But, I have been enjoying my time in New York without her. I have taken the human parents and sister out on many walks, and I have ordered them to build me a catio.

The catio is where I remain to watch them while they garden. Humans need lots of supervision.

Also, I hope everyone is staying safe and alert while we have to deal with this Covid-19 issue. My family is very good - no sickness at all. Even the human says life in Korea is decent. She's also thankful to be there and not here in New York.

Anyway, I hope you are well. Now that things have settled down, the human will start to write more. Make certain you check out her website too.

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