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Summer - Where Are You?!?!?!

It has been terribly cold in New York. The human informs me that the calendar does say June, but we are both quite cold. We spend most of our days under blankets or in sweaters. (Well, she wears sweaters, I have a lovely fur coat).

Thankfully, we brought our blankets home from Korea. Big fluffy blankets are plenty warm and comfortable and oh so ... oh wait. Not time to nap!

I have been adjusting well to New York, but I have not adjusted well to this cold. It is usually much warmer in Seoul by this time. In fact, the air conditioning feels quite nice on warm Seoul June days.

Normally, I remained inside (being able to leave the house here has been wonderful), but the human would go biking on her days off. She usually went out for an hour or two every Saturday and Sunday. She has a website as well (; it's about her writing, handweaving and some travels. I will have her tell you about Seoul. Biking there was lovely, I heard.

Until next time - stay warm.

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